In another alleged love-jihad case, a horrific video has surfaced where a man was killed and burnt alive. The deceased according to reports has been identified as Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh. The incident has surfaced from Rajhasthan’s Rajsamand district after a video where a man was shot being burnt alive, went viral on social media. Going by reports, the man who is being accused of committing this brutal act has been identified as Shambunath Raigar. The accused has now been arrested by the police. The incident took place on Dev heritage road in Rajnagar area of Rajsamand district.

Following the investigation in the case, senior police official IG Anand Srivastava along with other officials are monitoring the law & order situation where this brutal act was committed. Meanwhile, in another video, the accused had justified his heinous crime. The man in a video has said, “I appeal to all Hindu sisters that don’t fall in love with these ‘jihadits’. They will use you for your entire life as a sex slave … because your are a Hindu … In an attempt to save a girl from ‘love-jihad’, I had to put my life in danger. These people are taking the youth of our country on the wrong path by spreading drugs … these are ruining our economy by producing counterfeit currency … therefore I appeal to all to Hindus, to leave their inter-difference and unite to fight against ‘Islamic jihad’. The accused also went to say that there a need to stop films like PK, Padmavati being made. 

The upsetting video which is now doing the rounds on social media, one can see that the man who is following another person first hits him a long rod like weapon. While the man pleads for help, is being continuously beaten up by the accused. Later the man puts kerosene and burns him alive.