In another development to the Judge Loya’s death case, Opposition MPs including top cross Congress leaders are knocking President’s door to demand a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the mysterious death of Judge BH Loya. According to reports, opposition leaders have signed a petition to present it before President Ram Nath Kovind demanding a Supreme Court-monitored SIT probe in the case.

According to a leading daily, more than 100 members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha including top brass of the Congress party are knocking President’s door demanding a Supreme Court-monitored Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe in the alleged suspicious death of Judge BS Loya. Speaking on the matter, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that there is a collective sentiment in the House that the death is suspicious to common people as well and therefore there should be SIT probe in the case. “We just want to have a proper investigation done by an independent structure that gives us the outcome,” Rahul Gandhi added. 

Hence, they are approaching the president and demanding for SC monitored probe in the matter. This new development in the Judge Loya’s death case has come a day after Chief Justice of India (CJI) heard a plea seeking a SIT probe in the death case of Justice Loya. He died in 2014. The court fixed next date of hearing in the matter to February 12.

Not the first time when an independent investigation in the Justice Loya death case is in public domain. Previously, Senior Lawyer, Dushyant Dave has also demanded that there should be an independent investigation in the case. Dushyant Dave argued that even if it was a natural death, the inquiry should be ordered. “Let’s consider the death is natural, even then what’s the harm in having an investigation if so many questions have come up before the bench,” Dave had said.

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