Before being the most influential politician in the history of Tamil Nadu, M Karunanidhi was an ace screenwriter. Earlier those who could sing were ruling the Tamil cinema, but the moments M Karunanidhi stepped into it with the tool called screenplay, a new definition was given to the Tamil cinema. He made the cinema a medium to telecast political ideology and his monologues/dialogues were so substantial that it even turned the heads of those who could not understand the language because of the intensity the actors were made to deliever it with.

He turned Tamil Cinema into his portrait where he drew some of the magnificent characters and ignited the fire of social issues. From these powerful screenplays, Kalaignar (artiste) got an idea that how the public reacts to particular issues. Here are some of the remarkable scripts written by Karunanidhi:

Parashakti: The powerful monologue written by Karunanidhi and delivered by Sivaji Ganesan was something that made the movie a masterpiece. Movie faced a lot of trouble as it was based on the theory of Annaduri and Periyar’s Dravidian ideology. However, fighting all the controversy the movie made it to the big screens and became one of the most powerful films in the Tamil cinema’s history.

Manohara: Inspired from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the movie became a hit on the box-office. Like all his earlier movies, the dialogues written by Karunanidhi came out to be another benchmark for Tamil cinema.

Pillaiyo Pillai: Through the movie, Karunanidhi targetted some of the social issues prevalent in the society. Through the movie, he attacked the ongoing corruption and people indulged in wrongdoings. 

Ponnar Shankar: This was Karunanidhi’s last screenplay. The movie received a great response from fans and was a big hit at the box office. 

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