Rajnath Singh Parliament Speech Live Updates: On Thursday, India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made a speech in the Rajya Sabha, warning against China’s attempts to encroach on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) He spoke of China’s attempts to ignore the peace process post 2003, and of the near constant attempts at encroachment of the land.

Just recently, Rajnath Singh traveled to Moscow, where he met with his Chinese counterparts, and discussed this and many other key issue with them, in an attempt to further the peace process and achieve disengagement on the border. He brought it up in his speech, showing that he had made it clear to the Chinese delegation, that India would not accept any kind of changes to the status quo surrounding the LAC, and that India would not cede any territory to the Chinese.

He also spoke of India’s respect for its neighbor’s autonomy, and called for a peaceful resolution to the border issue.

Finally, he asked the Parliament to celebrate the ultimate sacrifice made by so many Jawans and soldiers of India, in order to secure the border. He asked all to stand untied behind the armed forces.

His speech comes at a time when India is locked into a seemingly constant border clash with China; ever since the first Galwan conflict in June, which was followed up by many other small skirmishes. Though the disengagement process has been started for some time now, China has still refused to return to its original position in certain areas. Additionally, there have been recent flare-ups, along the border as well, such as the firing last week.


Parliament must stand behind forces:

‘Parl must stand united behind our forces’

‘Entire nation standing with our soldiers’

‘Josh of our forces Jawans high at high altitudes’

‘Winter gear provided to forces by India’

‘Must stand united behind our forces’

‘Parl must back our forces & speak in a unanimous voice’

China has been told clearly to stop aggression: Rajnath

‘India has increased deployment in border areas’

‘India is committed to solving issues through talks’

‘China told clearly to reduce deployment at LaC’

‘Talks paramount but no compromise on boundary’

‘China has been told clearly to stop aggression’

Our forces ready: Rajnath Singh

‘There are many friction areas at N & S Pangong’

‘Our forces have made adequate deployment’

‘Our forces are ready to foil every bid by China’

China's double talk exposed: Rajnath

‘China’s double talk has been exposed’

‘China provoked Indian forces at Panging lake’

‘China tried to alter status quo at S Pangong lake’

‘China deploying troops is a violation of agreements’

Both sides must respect LAC: Rajnath

‘Request Parl to respect sacrifices of our Jawans’

‘Our forces showed immense intergrity’

‘India believes in peace & respect our neighbours’

‘Diplomatic engagement with China continues’

‘Both sides must follow & respect the LaC’

‘Both sides must do nothing to alter status quo’

Rajnath talks tough on China

China tried to transgress in many areas in Ladakh

Our forces notice PLA movement & foiled all bids

China has been told clearly to back-off

There will be no compromise on territorial integrity

China not following protocols: Rajnath

Agreements talk clearly of respecting LaC

India fully committed to follow protocols

China didn’t follow up on peace process post 2003

Govt’s always try every way to maintain peace

Boundary issue still unresolved: Rajnath Singh

Rajnath informs Parliament about situation at LaC

Boundary issue still unresolved: Rajnath

China violates all agreements: Rajnath

China believes boundary not demarcated: Rajnath