Bihar’s Madhepura MP Rajesh Ranjan, commonly known as Pappu Yadav, unleashed a scathing attack on the state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and further questioned the condition of law and order in Bihar. On Thursday, Pappu Yadav stated that he was attacked by Bharat Bandh supporters in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur. Reports suggest that Pappu Yadav was attacked in Sadar area of Khabra village in Muzaffarpur district. The matter was highlighted after a video of Yadav breaking down in front of the camera went viral. Later, Pappu Yadav also shared a tweet stating that his convoy was attacked by some goons while he was on his way to Madhubani.

Talking to media about the incident, Pappu Yadav said that it was the biggest example of the ‘Maha Jungle Raj’ that prevails in Bihar. He added that after his convoy was stopped, some goons attacked his car and brutally thrashed the MP and others present with him.

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Pappu Yadav further added that the goons asked his caste and then thrashed him mercilessly. Addressing media post the attack, Pappu Yadav claimed that he called a senior police officer and also the Chief Minister but his calls went unanswered.

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He added that since even an MP is not safe in Bihar, how can this government protect a common man. Pappu Yadav claimed that the state and centre are instigating violence in the country on the basis of caste and religion. he added that he was attacked despite being given the Y Security.

Pappu Yadav who is the chief of Jan Adhikari Party (JAP) said that his cavalcade was attacked by Bandh supporters. Talking to media he said that he was saved by his security personnel and was severely injured in the attack.

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