The Madhya Pradesh Police on Friday rescued a girl who was held hostage at gunpoint by a 30-year-old man at her apartment since morning in state capital Bhopal. Speaking on the matter, the police officials said that the condition of the girl and the accused is stable and both of them have been sent for medical treatment. Police said that further investigation into the matter is on. Some media reports have claimed that the hostage taker and the woman have told the police that they want to marry.

According to media reports, Rohit Kumar Singh, who hails from Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh, had claimed that he loves the girl and wants to marry her. Singh made video calls to a television channel and police, demanding a paper and mobile charger. 

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Earlier in the day, the police officials tried to barge inside the apartment to rescue the woman, but he threatened the police. In a video call, he made to a television channel, the girl appeared to be covered in blood. The police have claimed that she was attacked with a scissor by the accused inside the apartment. 

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According to reports, the woman, who had completed her master’s degree in technology, met Rohit in Mumbai during some modelling assignments. Singh told the Zee News that police is harassing him as when he reached in Bhopal, police filed a complaint against him. 

Earlier in the day, the hostage girl’s family filed a complaint against Singh with Bhopal Police, saying that Singh had entered their house and taken her daughter hostage. 

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