India News Manch started with a bang on Tuesday after Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan inaugurated the event and gave his two cents ahead of the assembly elections in the state. The event was organised by ITV Network in Bhopal where BJP MLA Parul Sahu from Surkhi constituency, BJP MLA Divyaraj Singh from Rewa and Congress MLA Tarun Bhanot from Jabalpur took part in an interesting debate that kept the audience on its toes.

Congress leader tore into the BJP for failing to contain the high rate of crimes, rapes, infant mortality rate and unemployment in Madhya Pradesh despite sitting at the helm for more than 15 years. Amid much applause from the audience, Tarun Bhanot directed a barrage of questions at the BJP MLAs, who apparently struggled to answer the daunting questions of their Congress counterpart.

Parul Sahu started by saying that when she won elections last term, she made a promise to herself to deliver justice to the people and complete all the pending progress in Surkhi. However, Tarun Bhanot appeared less than amused and said, “Everybody thinks they have done the best for their constituency but the actual results of their efforts come after the next elections. So, whatever work Parul has done for Surkhi in last five years, its reports card will come only after the assembly elections in November, 2018. But will Parul contest elections from the same constituency once again?”

The BJP MLA gave a vague reply without promising anything, she said, “We are the workers of the party and whatever responsibility is given to us by the party leadership, we take that.”

Tarun Bhanot then raised the temperature of the debate when he brought Vyapam scam. He said that whenever a youngster hears of the word Vyapam, it sends shivers down his spine. To his claims, Divyaraj immediately interjected and the Tarun said in a subtle undertone that Divyaraj instant reaction to the word proves his point. The Congress MLA from Jabalpur West further said that Vyapam scam was carried out under BJP regime but they continue to pin the blame on Nehru and Congress.

After a string pot shots and personal remarks against each other over the degrading education system in the state and soaring rate of unemployment in the state, Bhanot asked the BJP leaders about the high rate of rapes and crimes against women and what the BJP government has done to curb it. Parul Sahu replied by accepting that it’s the mistake of the BJP government and it is working on rectifying it.

Tarun Bhanot’s attacks were not over yet as he politely asked Parul that if she realizes that it is the mistake and responsibility of her government, then she should be asking for the resignation of the Chief Minister and BJP leadership in Madhya Pradesh.

When the media person finally asked the BJP leaders what message they would like to give to the youth sitting at the event, Congress leader stole the moment and immediately responded, “They (youth) will ask them to become sadhus first and then they will make them ministers, or they will end up selling pakodas.”

Watch the full debate here:

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