History is evidence where everywhere in India various antiquated and ancient landmarks were scoured by common people citing development. A considerable lot of recorded relics of India that are surviving are presently the ones rescued or preserved by European colonizers.  Over the past years NewsX have exposed the loot and rot that has resulted in acres of temple land being encroached, commercial and residential properties being built and temples suffering.

The Tamil Nadu Government Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department’s submission to court, states that 11,999 temples have no revenue to perform even one daily puja. Yet another hidden gem that the Madras High Court has directed the state archaeological department and head of the epigraphy and Archaeology Department of Tamil University at Thanjavur to excavate is the Ekanathan mutt in Madurai village, just a few kms from Keeladi.

Such blatant disregard by the state authorities to fix the problem do need the timely and stringent intervention. All of this as the temple authorities and the babus in government offices either turn a blind eye or are themselves responsible for the destruction of India’s heritage.

A third century BCE Ashoka pillar was used as a road roller by a contractor in early modern times. A slab of a fourth century CE Mathura stone inscription of Emperor Chandragupta Mauryan II was used to pave a street! And as early as 2008, the nearly 1000-year old Pallava temple in Tamil Nadu was obliterated by sandblasting them – to clean up the walls !