The ‘2-minute noodles’, Nestle’s Maggi seems to be caught up in a ‘soup’ again. The famous and much-loved Maggi noodles have again failed to pass the lab test. Failing to pass the test, Nestle has been fined Rs. 45 lakh by the district administration in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur over the contamination of samples. The Shahjahanpur administration also said Nestle distributors in the region have been fined Rs. 17 lakh, taking the total penalty to Rs. 62 lakh including the amount Nestle India Limited has been asked to pay. Meanwhile the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) major maintained that ‘it’s a case of application of incorrect standards’.

According to reports, the district authorities had collected the samples last year in November, and had forwarded them to food testing lab. The reports from the test suggested that the ash content found inside the samples was above the permissible limits of human consumption. Commenting on the matter, Nestle India questioned the findings and said that ‘it has not received the order yet and would file an appeal urgently once it receives the order.’ As per reports, a spokesperson from the organisation said, “While we have not received the orders passed by the adjudication officer, we have been informed that the samples are of year 2015 and the issue pertains to ‘ash content’ in Noodles.”

Refuting the test reports, he further said, “This appears to be a case of application of incorrect standards, and we will file an appeal urgently once we receive the order.” This is not the first time that Nestle Maggi has been questioned over the quality. Earlier in June 2015, Maggi was banned by FSSAI for allegedly containing lead beyond permissible limits. Following this Nestle withdrew the product from market.

However, after fighting legal battles for months Maggi was back in the market in November 2015. Following this Nestle India along with other companies had asked the relevant authorities to set standards specific to instant noodles in order to avoid the confusion amongst enforcement officers and consumers.

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