As per the reports, the Central Bureau of Investigation arrested Sachin Prakasrao Andure of Aurangabad in relation with Dabholkar murder case.  Sachin Prakasrao Andure has been one of the alleged shooters, who fired at Narendra Dabholkar. The case has been investigated from last 5 and today CBI arrested Sachin Prakasrao Andure. According to the CBI, Andure was allegedly one of the shooters, who shot at Narendra Dabholkar on August 20, 2013, in Pune when he was out for a morning walk.

Following the orders of Bombay High Court, CBI arrested the Sachin Praksrao Andure. Earlier, the Bombay High Court came down heavily on central and state investigating agencies for the delay in prob of Dabholkar murder case. Some reports have claimed that rationalists had reviled the right-wing groups for their campaign against superstition.


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