Protesting against the women-centric laws and the rising feminism in the country, some 150 men took a dip in Ganga at Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi to get rid of their wives and toxic feminism. The following event was organised by an NGO Save Indian Family and Daaman Welfare Society on August 15. Apart from demanding equal laws for men, the 150 men performed last rites of their marital relationships. Talking over their Ganga dip, the 150 men claimed that they performed last rites as feminism has taken over the country and had shattered their married lives.

Commenting on the Varanasi event where 150 men performed last rites of their marriages, a social activist told Hindustan Times that they performed such rites as they support equality. He added that this event was not organised to get back the traditional setup of the society where men were considered over women.

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The social activist said that the feminism in today’s world has distorted the prevailing equality and are trying to create a gynocentric society. The social activist Amit Deshpande added that the last rites performed by 150 men at Varanasi Ghat were in respect of the corrupt form of prevailing feminism. He added that the men of this country want to be treated equally and not like garbage.

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Further disclosing the event, NGO member Anupam Dubey said that they will put up a fight so that the men get an equal status. He added that they are fighting for the rights of men and the discrimination that they face on daily basis due to feminism.

As per reports, the event was organised to mark the 10th year of Save Indian Family Foundation’ (SIFF) whose main aim to save the man and his family. An activist present at the event said that Indian laws are biased against men of this country. he added that there is even an animal welfare society but nothing for men. He further questioned if men were below the animals.

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