The awaited episode of Man vs Wild which had PM Modi teamed up with host Bear Grylls finally aired today on Discovery Network. Most of the people got entertained with it and as it was telecast on the prime time it had many viewers. Social media is filled with the reactions which show the interest of the people and what is the popularity of today’s show due to PM Modi.

Due to the indulgence of PM Modi, the show got a lot of political recognition and many political leaders are giving their reactions on the show. This episode is applauded and criticized at the same time as the opposition is criticizing it while the political leaders who support PM Modi are praising it and saying it is a nice move for showing the importance of wildlife.

PM Modi shared many of his experience in the show which included his childhood and incidents related to his early life. In this show, he told that at the age of 17- 18 he went to the Himalayas to explore the life there and he said that he was always tempted by nature and wanted to connect with it.

PM Modi also said we should not be afraid of nature as nature is to protect us and is it provide us with basic amenities that help us in living a better life. He gave the message of wildlife conservation by saying killing is not his culture. Modi focused on the protection of nature in the show and gave the message for the same.

Bear Grylls asked PM Modi about the cleanliness in India during the show which was answered by Modi and he said cleanliness is subjected to every Indian’s self-initiative and awareness. PM Modi also shared his initial days when he used to be a tea vendor on the show.

Man vs Wild: PM Modi says cleanliness should be self-initiated by Indians 

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