Man VS Wild: The episode of Man VS Wild with Prime Minister was aired today at 9 pm on the Discovery Channel. It was shot in the lush green jungles of Uttrakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park which is situated in Nainital. The Prime Minister was on an adventurous episode of Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls and told him about the Indian culture and shared his beautiful childhood memory.

Bear Grylls helped him to make a spear for the protection of PM but he denied to use it as the culture does not allow him to kill anyone but he held the spear for Bear Grylls. In the show, Bear Grylls find out that there was elephant dung and he picked it up and smelled it and said that there are Elephants near them and made PM also smell it.

Bear Grylls made a raft using a bunch of reeds and tied it with the reed only and covered it with the plastic but he was nervous as it was not tested in the water and was feared that the rain should not happen but it eventually did and made it a little difficult but they successfully crossed the river, Bear Grylls also said that the Himalayan river is so cold and loved the environment of Uttrakhand.

Bear Grylls and PM Modi after crossing the river drank the Tulsi water and PM Modi told Grylls about the Tulsi Vivah that Tulsi Plant was married to a god and it became a part of a family.


PM Modi and Bear Grylls jelled up together and PM Modi thanked Grylls for the wonderful experience and Bear said that PM is cold, wet but he is a hero.

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