The much-awaited Man vs Wild episode featuring wildlife anchor Beary Grylls and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was finally telecast yesterday and as expected the episode was full of thrill and adventure, as one could see the adventurous side of the Indian Prime Minister for the first time on national television.

Throughout the one-hour journey, PM Modi narrated glimpses of his early childhood, his journey from being a tea seller to a politician, and how his Jim Corbett adventure was probably the first break he had ever taken in his 18-year-long political career.

Though, there were moments when one could yawn and think why on an adventure-show is he being told more about someone’s personal life and less about the vicinity he was surrounded by. But Bear Grylls being a good host was all ears and patiently listened to Modi chronicles, and looked interested too. All in all, the adventurous journey was a cordial exchange of narratives in which the Indian Prime Minister unveiled his never-seen/heard-before avatar. And as always, his never-seen-before avatar was the ultimate bait for meme fanatics, as they carried on with the meme business and flooded social media with quirky pictures.

Take a look at social media meme fury:

  •  The picture has been superimposed with Bear Grylls’ face, and as seen, the uniform is that of an RSS worker. So the fact that PM Modi’s ideological roots hail from RSS, trolls thought of linking Grylls with RSS.

  • Another hilarious picture has Modi and Grylls, in which the latter can be seen holding animal dung and telling Modi that the dung was actor Salman Khan’s acting


  • This one dubbed the entire Man vs Wild episode as Van Ki Baat with Grylls and Modi:

  • This one outrightly rubbished Modi’s claims with this quirky reaction:

  • When someone gets overly protective for Modi, Shah will be like: 

  • Another one called it Non-political interview (second after the much talked Akshay Kumar-Narendra Modi ‘apolitical interview’):

  • Yet another time, Modi looks for self-endorsement, says the meme (not us)

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