As the Gujarat assembly elections 2017 are just around the corner, war of words and political drama seems to be at the peak. On Friday, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s election rally at Kevadia Colony in the Vadodara district witnessed some high drama after a woman broke the security cordon, made a dash towards Rupani’s dias and was dragged away by policewomen. The woman was identified as a 26-year-old woman, daughter of a Border Security Force (BSF) jawan who died while serving the nation on the border. The matter was highlighted after the video that captured the whole incident went viral on social media.

The woman who was dragged away was identified as BSF jawan Ashok Tadvi’s daughter Rupal Tadvi. The woman has alleged that the government failed on their promises of delivering the land to the family after her father passed away. According to reports, Rupal was sitting in the audience when she suddenly started shouting ‘I want to meet him..I want to meet him’ and ran towards the dais. However, she was caught mid-way by the policewomen present and was dragged away from the event. Witnessing the whole incident, CM Vijay Rupani said, “I will meet you after this programme.”

As per reports, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani met BSF jawan’s daughter after the rally. However, the outcome still remains unknown. The matter got highlighted after Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi posted the video on his Twitter handle. He said that Rupani, whom he termed a ‘param deshbhakt’, has shamed humanity by throwing away the daughter of a soldier killed in the line of duty.

Countering Rahul Gandhi’s allegations Rupani said, “Only the BJP government has respected the soldiers who defend our borders.” He further question Congress on One Rank, One Pension (OPOR) and the Adarsh Society scam.

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