Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Meet Raunak Singh, The Humanitarian Who Helped People Of Odisha After Cyclone Crumbled Their Lives

The Indian state of Odisha is very beautiful but being a coastal state, it has to bear the brunt of natural calamities such as cyclones, floods, etc. on a regular basis. However, there are few people who are always ready to help the needy in such critical phases and Raunak Singh is one of them. This 22-year-old guy from Odisha’s Cuttack is a B.Com graduate and he is loved and respected a lot by the citizens of the state because of his humanitarian works. 

Raunak Singh is the founder of an NGO named Sikh Aid and what makes people admire him is the fact that he helped them whenever they faced tough times whether it was due to Cyclone Title (2018), Cyclone Fani (2019), Odisha flood (2020) or the most recent cyclone Yaas which came in 2021. When these cyclones hit the coastal areas, everything that comes in the way of high-speed winds gets crumbled because of which many people lost whatever they have to these cyclones. Raunak Singh ensured that nobody remained hungry in such times and as per an estimate, he and his team fed around 10,000 people daily and not just this, he also assisted people in reconstructing their houses after the cyclone. 

Though Raunak Singh is a pretty famous person now yet you will be surprised to know that this young lad worked as the one-man army when he started doing social work and used to act as a facilitator between the needy person and the donor. Whenever needed, Raunak Singh himself made donations too plus he used to visit the government schools and various societies to distribute stationery items free of cost to those students who hailed from underprivileged sections of the society so that they did not have any problem in carrying on with their studies. 

During the first wave of COVID-19, Raunak Singh helped many migrant workers by providing them with food and then he also arranged buses for them so that they did not have to walk on foot for reaching their native places. Sikh Aid was founded by Raunak Singh during the first wave of the pandemic and in COVID’s second wave, Raunak kept on doing the work but at a bigger level. The second wave was way more dangerous than the first one and the situation was so bad that hospitals were completely full with patients. Nevertheless, things turned uglier when hospitals were not able to manage the oxygen supply and the lives of patients were at risk. It was then that Raunak supplied oxygen cylinders and concentrators to the hospitals of Odisha and saved around 10K lives. 

Raunak Singh and his team are also pretty active in the field of women hygiene and sanitation and till now, they have distributed around 1 lakh sanitary pads in the rural areas of Odisha. On average, Sikh Aid is distributing 6000-7000 sanitary pads free of cost every month and they are also trying their best to educate rural women about menstruation hygiene management in order to save them from the diseases that they may catch if they don’t take care of their menstruation hygiene in a proper manner. 

Raunak Singh follows the teachings given by his Sikh Gurus as per which selfless service to mankind is the best way to worship God! We need more people like Raunak to make this world a better place to live and we sincerely hope that our society, especially the youngsters, take inspiration from him and get motivated to help others!

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