US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ahead of his visit to New Delhi later this month called the India-US ties incredibly important. He will be visiting the national capital on June 24. The meeting will be focused on advancing relations with India which is a significant part of President Donald Trump’s strategic Indo-Pacific region.

During his nearly week-long Indo-Pacific region tour, Pompeo will be visiting New Delhi and South Korea followed by Japan and Sri Lanka.

Prior to the trip, he will also be addressing the India Ideas Summit of US-India Business Council on June 12. The US State Secretary will also be speaking to the group of Indian business leaders in preparation for the trip.

He said the opportunity would give both US and India to seal their relations closely especially on economic grounds. With the trip, both India and the US will look forward to broadening and deepening America’s partnership with key countries to advance their shared goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Pompeo will start his Indo-Pacific tour from New Delhi to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his unprecedented Lok Sabha election victory for the second time.

India, the US and several other world powers have been discussing the need to ensure a free, open and thriving Indo-Pacific in the backdrop of China’s rising military manoeuvring in the region.

China has been trying to expand its military presence in the Indo-Pacific which is a biogeographic region, comprising the Indian Ocean and the western and central Pacific Ocean, including the South China Sea.

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