MNM Party Chief & Famous South Actor Kamal Hassan Calls The Hooch Tragedy, 'People's Fault'

MNM Chief and famous South Actor Kamal Hassan calls for psychiatric counselling of the victims in Tamil Nadu’s Hooch tragedy. He said that ‘drinking has to be occasional’.

Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) party chief and the famous South Actor Kamal Hassan on Sunday comments that the Tamil Nadu Hooch tragedy is people’s fault.
He iterates after meeting with the tragedy victims that drinking has to be occassional and that the govt. needs to create psychiatric centres.

He said, “…These victims will have to understand they have exceeded their limit and they have been careless. They have to be careful. They have to take care of their health. My request to government would be to create psychiatric centres which will counsel them… It has to be occasional drinking, social drinking if at all. But they must understand that exceeding limit in any form be it sugar or anything is bad…”

What Happened in the Hooch Tragedy?

It is a common sight that the men in Karunapuram, Tamil Nadu’s Kallakurichi returns home heavily hammered under the influence of alcohol. However, last Tuesday consuming alcohol in daily routine, little did the men knew that an illicit liquor will claim their lives. The alcohol took 54 lives and left 100 hospitalized.

As of now, 5 arrests has been made including Govindaraj alias Kannukutti, 48-years old, who allegedly sold the illicit drink to the victims. For over 20 years, Govindraj has been selling a distilled alcohol drink which is well known in the area.

Chinnadurai is the key name in the supplier chain and Mathesh, who according to the police is the mastermind of sourcing Mathanol. His wife and brother were also detained. and the twist is that Govindraj himself never drank.

BJP questions INDIA bloc

Not hearing a single addressal on the hooch tragedy from Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi, The BJP MP Sambit Patra questions their silence.

Patra said, “More than 56 people have died and many of them are critical, still about 200 people are admitted to the hospital. This is such an important issue, and I am surprised that Mallikarjun Kharge, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, DMK and all the people of the INDIA alliance are silent on this issue,”

Amongst 54 dead, 32 deaths were from SC. On this, Patra added that more than 32 Dalits are killed in the country and that he would call this murder and not death.

Death Toll increases

– As of now, a total of 216 patients were admitted to four hospitals in Tamil Nadu.

– Most death occurred at Kallakurichi Medical College, where 31 people are dead and 108 ar alive

Tamil Nadu govt. has ordeed a judicial inquiry led by retired madras High Court judge Justice B Gokuldas.