NITI Aayog Chairman Rajiv Kumar said on Monday that the BJP led government at the Centre can no longer make excuses for its failure to develop the country in the past 4 years. Speaking to the news agency, Kumar further stated that it’s high time that the government must take ownership of not only its accomplishments but also its failures from now onwards. He also added that it is imperative to look at the past few hours of the Modi government in the context of the legacy it inherited from the previous ruling UPA government in 2014.

Niti Aayog chief Rajiv Kumar was of the view that Indian economy has already crossed several hurdles to emerge as the world’s most developing countries and henceforth, the government must not be judged on its own merit.

After all, the government has done so much despite all the legacy problems, Kumar said. It took huge structural reforms like demonetisation, the Goods and Services Tax, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Benami Transactions Act, Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act and recapitalisation of banks to overcome those legacy issues. I think we have finally overcome those and henceforth, the government should be judged on its own merit, Kumar added.

Talking more about the BJP achievements, Kumar said that the ruling party had inherited the most terrible economic situation from the UPA. He also added that when the BJP came to power in the year 2014, inflation level crossed the 9% mark and growth rate was as low as 6%. He added that when the BJP took over in 2014, the inflation had crossed the 9 per cent mark and growth rate had slumped to below six per cent

The renowned economist also stated the present economic condition in India is much more balanced than it was before and had been successfully pulled out of a crisis. 

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