Thursday, August 11, 2022

Moon Man on NewsX: ISRO second spaceport opens door for private players

NewsX had an exclusive conversation with the Vice President of Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, Mylswamy Annadurai. He is famously known as the moon man of India.

With his 36 years of experience in ISRO, Annadurai told NewsX the importance of the second spaceport in India.  

He stated, “The new spaceport will make our launch vehicle more fuel-efficient because of the geographical locations sitting there. Here the launch frequencies will go up.”

He further added that the Indian space program is predominantly on remote sensing missions in terms of launching in polar orbit. However, the satellite launch vehicle is more economical and has to have a tricky manual but not to fly over any existing populated area. Therefore, this process is consuming a lot of fuel before putting the useful launch space satellite into orbit.

Mylswamy also told that nearly 3000 small satellites have been launched to make the constellations of the satellites in various spacecraft operators have communication from the lower topic.

To enable every handheld device, communications by a cluster of satellites nearly 3000 satellites in last three years have been launched. However, today bigger launch vehicle is used to make the cluster and 50 satellites or 100 satellites are launched at a time.      

Meanwhile talking about the infrastructure of the new spaceport, Mylswamy said all the lessons are learned from the past. There is a very good possibility of end-to-end stages which is required for the SSV to be made afresh. The government of India and ISRO is embarking on giving the technology transfer to the private companies so that they can do end-to-end satellite making.

Adding more to this, he quoted “We are also expecting a good number of new space fairing nations and good ecosystem to be established giving meaningful role to the private players.”     

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