Motor Vehicles Act dress code: The amended Motor Vehicles Act has created enough uproar with exorbitant fines and adding to the stress, a new provision has been included that has made it compulsory for Uttar Pradesh truck drivers and other vehicle drivers to wear full-length pants with a shirt or t-shirt, which means the drivers need to bid good-bye to lungi-banyan dress code.

Other than that, the drivers are also required to wear closed shoes, hence no chappals (slippers) while driving. Lucknow ASP (traffic) Poornedu Singh asserted that a dress code for truck drivers has been in existence since 1939 as part of Motor Vehicles (MV) Act. He added that till 1989 a fine of Rs 500 rupees was imposed for violation of dress code, and with the modified Motor Vehicle act, now a fine of Rs 2,000 will be slapped for the same.

Meanwhile, Additional Trasport Commissioner (UP) Gangaphal said with the new Act, the state has the authority to impose the fines whenever there is a violation of the dress code. Reiterating that lungi-banyan (vest) was unacceptable, he said the rule was applicable to everyone including government vehicle driver. The dress code is also mandatory for drivers of school buses and government vehicles.

(More to be updated)

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