Prince Tucy who always wears Maharaja clothes is the Moghul descendant who has been living on the outskirts of Hyderabad in palatial building. He donates a gold brick which costs 1.8 crores of rupees for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya and says his great Grand Father did not destroy the temple there to build a mosque but his commander did it without the Knowledge of Babar. He is grateful about the restoration of Ram temple at Ayodhya. He claims that Babar was a secular , The Daily Guardian met him in his farm house at Shamsabad area and had chit chat.

Q1) After years of legal battle – the ground breaking ceremony for the temple is finally going to happen. Your thoughts on Ram Temple ?

Price Tucy : We are very happy. telling you as heir of great Moghuls , its my family’s wish to build a Ram Mandhir at Ayodhya. Ram Mandhir was there , Mir Baqui demolished it and constructed Babri masid. Moghul Family has been very happy about reconstructing Ram Temple at Ayodhya. Babar was secular, He did not know about it. there should not be any name like Babri masid in Ayodhya. Babar’s name should not be misused. Even in the 5 acres of land alloted to muslims, A masque should not be build in the name of Babar.

Q2) You say you’re donating a gold brick for the temple- What’s the symbolism around it? What’s your logic behind it?

Prince Tucy : There is no logic in it. Islam teaches us to respect other religion. total game was played on Babar , his image was damaged badly. He had not demolished, all Moghuls are secular including myself. I am also sending a secular message , i am offering the gold brick.

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Q3) Considering that the mandir is getting constructed unopposed – would you say that it’s a symbol of India’s unity?

Prince Tucy : the temple sends a good message to all. its a symbol of religious harmony. India is a land of religious harmony.

Q4) Many in the opposition say that you should’ve held a virtual ceremony, considering the current pandemic – do you see a genuine concern or is the opposition trying to score brownie points ?

Price Tucy : some road side and Gully leaders are playing these cheap tricks. they have been playing politics for long time for vote banks. PM and others observe all Covid 19 rules. Just for publicity , some leaders’ do that. No need to care for them.

Q5) Owaisi has slammed the PM for sending the event – what do you think of the PM attending the event?

Prince Tucy : the PM is not only for the hindu Community. He is for all . Owaisi is a good for nothing fellow and he is actually a joker. He is a converted muslim. he does all for Cheap politics and provokes sentiments for Votes.

Q6) Have you been invited for the ceremony? If yes will you attend? Or do you have any plans to visit the janmbhoomi?

Prince Tucy : the PM’s schedule is very busy. and the persons to Ayodhya is limited. I went two and three times to Ayodhya. the Mandir construction will be finished two or three years. I will visit Ram Mandhir there.

Q7) Do you think it’ll be over before the ‘24 polls? and do you think once it’s made do you think it would still be an electoral issue ?

Prince Tucy : there are no politics in Ram Mandhir now. its going to be build as per the wish of the people. Its going to be a big construction , Its upto the government of Uttar Pradesh to complete it in two years or three years.

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