BJP leader Mukul Roy has claimed that as many as 107 legislators of Trinamool Congress are likely to join the BJP in the coming months. He said that the legislators from the other parties including CPM, Congress are also keen to join the BJP. The recent comments came after several Trinamool councilors joined BJP last month. Since Lok Sabha elections 2019 results, scores of leaders have switched to BJP.

In Lok Sabha elections 2019, BJP won 18 seats in West Bengal. Earlier, the party had no ground in the state. Roy the BJP has emerged as a strong force in the state which is committed for peace and development.

Leaders, including MLAs and MPs, from various states, have been joining the saffron brigade for the past several months.

Recently in Goa, 10 out of 15 Congress MLAs joined BJP camp. The leaders were given top positions in the saffron party. The Opposition Congress party was left with just 5 legislators in Goa. While in Karnataka, the JD(S)-Congress coalition has been gripped by BJP as many as 16 MLAs from the ruling alliance have tendered their resignations.

The Supreme Court has been even involved by the MLAs against Speaker for not accepting their resignations. If resignations will be accepted, the HD Kumaraswamy headed alliance government will be shown door.

The main opposition party BJP can claim to form the government in the state. The BJP, which emerged as the single-largest party in 2018 Assembly elections, has 105 seats in the 224- Legislative Assembly. The Congress-JD(S) alliance will fall short of seats to prove their majority in the house.

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