An Uber Pool ride took an ugly turn after a 30-year-old woman was attacked and harassed by a woman co-passenger in Mumbai on Monday. The victim, a Mumbai-based journalist, alleged that she was on the way to her office in Lower Parel when the incident took place. Sharing her ordeal in a Twitter post, the victim filed a case against the woman, who has not been identified yet. The police have registered a case against the woman and an investigation is underway to find the accused.

Sharing her experience in a series of tweets, Ushonta Paul, the victim claimed the assaulter was hostile from the very start. Paul said that the woman was irked about the fact that in spite of paying the most for the ride, she was getting dropped last. The victim further alleged that the woman was also abusive during the ride when Ushonta tried to tell her that her being dropped last was not the driver’s fault. At first, the victim maintained her calm, but the moment the cab near Urmi Estate in Lower Parel, where Paul had to get off the cab, the woman made a racist remark. It was at that time when Paul retaliated by telling the woman not to make such remarks.

Paul tried to take a picture of her, but the woman immediately snatched the phone away. She threatened Paul that she will break it. The assaulter then physically attacked her. After grabbing Paul by her hair, the woman scratched her face and tore off clumps of her hair. Paul tried to defend herself with both her hands, which her with injuries on her hands too. The woman then hopped off the cab and went inside Urmi Estate.

A security guard of Urmi Estate then came to help Paul and asked her to file a complaint immediately. The LP police then reached the spot and wrote down the complaint. The Uber driver also gave his statement.

At first, the Uber denied to share any details regarding the woman, citing customer privacy policy, but after discussing the matter it reached out to law enforcement authorities to offer any information that could be helpful during the investigation.