Hours after a small aircraft C 90 crashed in Mumbai’s Ghatkoper area killing at least 5 including 4 members of the crew and 1 civilian pedestrian who was present during that time on the crash site, the pilot’s husband P Kuthariya has come out and said that the incident could have been averted. Speaking to news agency ANI, P Kuthariya said that his wife had informed him that the flight won’t be flown due to bad weather. Pilot’s husband further held the aviation company responsible for the crash. He said, “The aviation company is responsible for this unfortunate incident.”

The locals say that the casualties in the Mumbai plane crash could have been more if close to 30 workers who were working at that construction site would not have gone on lunch break. The C90 aircraft had crashed at an under construction site in Mumbai’s Ghatkoper.  

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Residents of the Ghatkoper area while speaking on the incident had said that they feared that the plane might crashed into the building or on their homes, however, the pilot managed the plane to somehow keep it away from the highly populated region. 

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Speaking about pilot’s efforts to not land the plane in the populated area, former aviation minister and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Praful Patel said saluted the pilot. He said, “Saddened to hear about the unfortunate incident at Ghatkopar as charter plane crashes in an open area. Salute to the pilot who showed the presence of mind to avoid a big mishap, saving many lives at the cost of her own life. RIP to all the 5 Dead. My deepest condolences.”

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