The Monsoon season has resulted in floods and heavy waterlogging across many states in the country. Among the worst-hit states are Bihar, Assam, and Mumbai. While the former two have been hit by floods, the situation in Mumbai has to do more with water-logging which has resulted in massive infrastructure demolition with buildings falling down like a stack of cards.

Besides waterlogging, several parts of Mumbai have been declared danger zone until the water level comes down to normal. But nothing can go against youngsters who wish to make most of the monsoons, always at high risk, therefore every year the number of casualties due to monsoon has only been going up, with the latest one coming from Navi Mumbai, Palghar and Thane.

Reportedly, five dead bodies from these three locations have been recovered after they drowned due tp torrential rainfall in the respective regions. The rescue team is yet to recover another dead body.

A group of seven girls from Nerul’s SIES College on a picnic to the nearby waterfall in Kharagar got stuck on their way back as four of them were swept away with the gushing water. Four of seven girls who have been reported dead have been identified as Neha Jain, Neha Dama, Shweta Nand, and Arti Nayak. Although Neha Dama’s dead body is yet to be recovered, police said all seven girls on a picnic were college students in the age group of 18 to 20 years.

An eyewitness said the girls were near the waterfall when a huge wave took them away. Their bodies were found in a stream that traverses through the Golf Course. The rescue team, fire brigade, and police reached the spot to recover bodies of the dead. Reportedly, one girl’s body is yet to be rescued as the search operation will resume today.

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