People in Delhi, NCR wistfully share Mumbai rain photo: It is raining heavily in Mumbai and people in Delhi-NCR have been tweeting with a hope that the showers will hit the national capital too. For the past week, people in Delhi-NCR have been dealing with the scorching heat and rising temperatures. While the Indian Meteorological Department forecasted no rain spell till July 2, Delhiwalas found their contentment in tweeting about Mumbai rains. The maximum temperature was recorded on Friday was at 40 degrees Celcius and a minimum of 30 degrees Celcius. Also, there is no ray of relief in a coming couple of days too.

Earlier in the morning, Mumbaikars woke up to moderate to heavy rains in several parts of the city. While the rains brought relief from the soaring temperature, it also brought back some familiar woes for the people residing in the economic capital of the country. People had to face traffic jams due to waterlogging and flooding in parts of Mumbai. The diversions announced by the authorities added to the chaos in the city. 

Meanwhile, some rain lovers found the perfect platform to showcase their love for the weather, here’s take a look: (NOT TO FORGET SOME OF THEM ARE FROM DELHI-NCR TOO)

Well, the rains have also brought problems for the commuters in Mumbai. However, people are not new to the hazard created by rains. Here are some of the tweets:  

The SkyMet Weather has also predicted more and intense rains in Mumbai in the next few days too. 


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