Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray has planned a rally in Mumbai on Thursday. The rally is organised to protest against the poor quality of railway infrastructure in Mumbai. The rally started at 11:30AM from Metro Theatre and will end at Churchgate. Raj Thackeray was denied police permission for this rally but it is still underway. Proper security measures have been taken by the government to avoid any mishap. On the other hand Raj Thackeray has asked Mumbaikars to join the cause. He posted messages on various social media platforms asking people to come forward for the cause.

As per reports, Raj Thackeray will join the rally from Western Railway headquarters in Churchgate. Reports claim that over 50,000 people will participate in this rally, at the beginning people in large numbers were present. Some of the MNS workers were seen carrying hoarding which shows cartoon where Raj Thackeray is cracking a whip on kneeling Narendra Modi, Devendra Fadnavis and Amit Shah.

“You are talking about bullet trains but first, make sure you give basic facilities to rail commuters. While people are dying, you spending over Rs 1 lakh for bullet trains Maharashtra is providing 33 percent of the national revenue to the Centre. But what is the Centre doing for us”, MNS spokesperson, Avinash Abhyankar told a leading news organisation

Thackeray has been active on social media, releasing a series of messages and videos, which show passengers struggling to board trains, the lack of proper amenities and the problem created by hawkers around railway stations.

Raj Thackeray has always encouraged citizens to take to the streets to express their anger.

The Mumbai, Elphinstone Road station stampede saw as many as 23 people losing their lives and 39 getting injured has been stated as one of the most tragic events to have hit the financial capital of the nation in recent times.

It was a busy, sunny day on September 29 when a bunch of commuters collided with each other resulting in a horrific scene which turned bloody. Mumbai Police are now through with their investigation of the matter, it took them 4 days to judge the major factors which were responsible for the mishap and the two reasons mentioned in the report are continuous rain which kept the crowd halted on the foot over bridge and the overflowing crowd which kept on adding to the minimal space. Neither of the two was to stop anytime soon. The report found no fault in fulfilling obligations from the side of railway officials.