In yet another case of medical negligence which surfaced from Mumbai, an eye of a 27-year-old comatose patient was bitten by rats at a government-run Bal Thackeray Trauma Care Hospital in Jogeshwari. The incident came to light on April 23, when Ram Gupta, father of the patient alleged that rats nibbled the right eyelid of his son in general wards of the hospital. While talking to a leading news agency, the father also told that he saw the blood on his son’s eye in the morning. During the night, he had seen two rats in the ward but did not know that it was bitting him.

“We saw blood over his eye in the morning. We had seen rats in the general ward earlier, but we didn’t witness the incident. He was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in the brain, following a road accident,” the father said. However, the hospital authorities have been denying the allegation and any negligence on their part. They have claimed it as an alleged conspiracy to malign the reputation of the hospital. Reports said that an investigation into the matter has begun. The incident took place when Parminder Gupta, a patient in the coma was moved to general ward from the ICU for two days.

According to the reports, the patient was in a private hospital’s ICU since March 2, after suffering a major head injury following a road accident. Even after going through a treatment for removing blood clots in his brain, he never gained consciousness after that. The father shifted him to a government hospital after the private hospital bill reached to Rs 6 lakh. The condition of the patient is quite delicate at present. As per reports, the trauma care centre in Jogeshwari has recently got renovated by the Maharashtra government.

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