Coming out as another bizarre directive from an Islamic body in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), the body has said Muslim women should not travel to public places alone, and if it is necessary they should go out with a male companion. The directive also read that Muslim women should avoid using mobile phones. The directives were issued by the ‘Islamic Markazi Majlis e-Shoura’ (Islamic central advisory council). It is situated in the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from the two mentioned above, other directives were issued through posters which were put out at many prominent places like the main Jamia Masjid.

Apart from issuing directives for the Muslim women, the poster put up also threatened the families — who celebrate weddings with music and dance — of social boycott, stating that ‘music’ is ‘not permitted in Islam’. The women have almost been barred from going to public places, even for a family gathering, without a male companion.

Condemning the engagement ceremonies prior to the official nikah, the Islamic central advisory council also said that people should give up such ceremonies as they are infecting the society with various ills. The body asked the Muslim community to prefer nikah. The posters also asked Muslim youths to desist from moving unnecessarily in the markets and instead join the five prayers at the mosques for a better life.

The body also directed the parents of children who are studying at co-education centres, to be attentive with their child and see who they are making friends with. They also appealed to teachers to hold separate classes for the boys and girls. It also asked the schools and coaching centres to shift classes to safe timings so that girl students are not forced to move out of the house when it is dark.

The Islamic central advisory council also highlighted the increasing problem of drugs. In the directive issued, it sought cooperation of the people in eradicating the ‘alarming’ problem of drugs.