Former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan was falsely accused and arrested in the sensational espionage case in 1994. Nambi continued his legal battle until the Supreme Court in 2018 ordered him a compensation of Rs 50 lakhs well as directed a judicial committee to probe the alleged conspiracy, which falsely implicated him in the case.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has sought an urgent hearing in the 1994 espionage case against ISRO scientist Dr S Nambi Narayanan who was charged with leaking confidential information pertaining to India’s space development. The ISRO spy case falsely accused Nambi of espionage, and of selling vital state secrets of the ISRO including test data from the rocket and satellite launches to Pakistan.

In an exclusive interview with NewsX, Nambi Narayanan where the former ISRO scientist talked in great length about his time in jail and how India’s scientist was tortured. Earlier back in 1995, the CBI cleared him and since then he has been fighting a legal battle against the then top police official Siby Mathews and other officials including S Vijayan and KK Joshua. The cops are believed to have maligned him and implicated Nambi in the conspiracy. “It is a bitter experience. But of course, it is not as bad as the interrogation, There the torture was so heavy,” detailed Narayana.

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“The IB and the police investigating me didn’t know the difference between rocket and satellite. They target institutions- not institution wise, but via a person,” added the scientist. “I was repeatedly assaulted and there’s no question, was told I didn;t deserve water. I refused to sit because they called me a traitor,” told Nambi Narayana.