In a shocking incident reported from New Delhi’s Narela locality, a woman was beaten up and stripped by criminals who were sore over her help to the authorities that brought an end to their illegal liquor trade. The liquor mafia beat the woman, Praveen, who highlighted and assisted the illegal trade in JJ Cluster of Narela, using sticks and rods. In this blatant and bold criminal act, they assaulted the woman and the incident points out the failure of police in giving protection to a woman trying to help the Delhi Commission for Women. Subsequently, a text of summons has been issued.


Read the full text of summons by Delhi Commission for Women below:

Action taken by the Commission relating to:

Sale of illicit liquor in homes in Narela area and attack on women residents by persons selling liquor. 


Deputy Commissioner of Police

Rohini District

P.S. Begumpur

Delhi Police

WHEREAS the Delhi Commission for Women conducted inspections of Narela area after receiving several complaints from the women residents regarding sale of illicit liquor and drugs in certain houses in their area. The undersigned along with Members Ms Promila Gupta and Ms Sarika Choudhary visited Pocket 11 and Pocket 4 of the area and found several areas where liquor was being openly sold in homes. The local police were also called on the spot and over 300 bottles of liquor were confiscated from a house. This house was barely a few meters from the police post.

AND WHEREAS it is shocking that such illegal business is flourishing on a very large scale in Narela in full public view and knowledge of the local police. 

AND WHEREAS we were informed by the residents that the local police frequently took commissions from the persons selling liquor. Understandably, it is unfathomable that such large-scale and sustained illegal activities can be carried out without the protection of the police. Prima facie, it appears that the illegal activity of selling liquor in homes is occurring with active connivance and protection of the police. This is endangering the dignity and safety of thousands of women and girls in Delhi. 

AND WHEREAS the entire team of DCW, as well as the women residents, were blatantly threatened by these criminals of dire consequences. The undersigned spoke to the Additional SHO PS Narela during the inspection and requested him to ensure protection of the women of the area who gave inputs to the Commission during the inspection. 

AND WHEREAS in a most unfortunate and shocking development, one the women who gave inputs to the Commission during the inspection was today attacked by a large mob of over 25 of these criminals and was assaulted with iron rods. Her clothes were torn and she was paraded naked in the area and the entire incident was filmed and the video was allegedly shared in the area by these criminals. The entire incident proves complete lawlessness and zero fear of law in the area and it is shocking that police did not take any action to protect these women.

AND WHEREAS the instant case is clearly a matter of violation of women’s rights in the Capital and as per the functions of the Commission under Section 10 of the Delhi Commission for Women Act, 1994, particularly Section 10(i)(a) to (f), the Commission can not only investigate and examine all matters, review existing provisions, recommend amendments, take up cases of violation with appropriate authorities, but also look into individual complaints and take suo moto cognizance of matters relating to deprivation of women’s rights, non-implementation of laws enacted to provide protection to women, non-compliance of policy decisions etc. in the Capital. Further, Section 10(iii) empowers the Commission with the powers of a Civil Court in matters relating to requiring the discovery and production of any document and requisitioning any public record or copy thereof from any court or office, etc. Hence, since the present matter concerns the safeguards provided for the two aggrieved women of Delhi under the Constitution and other laws in the Capital, it falls squarely under the mandate of the Commission under Section 10 (1)(a) and other related provisions.

NOW THEREFORE,  in the above circumstances, the Commission hereby issues summons to you:

(a) To personally appear before the Commission. 

(b) To cause production of the following records:

a. Action Take Report along with details of the FIR registered in the matter of the attack on the woman mentioned above.

b. Action Take Report along with details of the FIR registered in the matter of liquor being sold illegally in the abovementioned house and nearby areas.

c. Number and detail of FIRs along with their present status against the alleged persons till date. Please provide copies of the same.

 d. Please provide the number of FIRs registered for selling liquor illegally in this area in the past 5 years in the following format:

i. FIR No.

ii. Name(s) of the accused.

iii.Copy of FIR

iv. Present status of the FIRs.

e.Please provide copies of all complaints along with status reports against police officers in the area regarding their inaction or collusion with people selling liquor in their houses.

f. This house, as well as many other houses in the area, have been selling illegal liquor for years. Please inform what action has been initiated by Delhi Police to curb this menace.

 g. Details of steps taken to provide police protection to the women residents of the area. And therefore you are hereby summoned to appear before the Commission for the purpose aforementioned on 12/12/2017 at 2.30 PM.*In case of fail of the abovementioned order, the Commission shall be constrained to carry forward the proceedings against your office under provisions laid down in Civil Procedure Code.Given under my hand and the seal of the Commission the ¬07 day of December 2017.
(Chairperson’s Signature)Delhi Commission for Women