Narendra Modi-Akshay Kumar interaction: In the heat of election season, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s heart-to-heart conversation with Akshay Kumar has revealed many unknown things about the PM’s life. The hour-long interview with Prime Minister Modi, which is billed as apolitical, focuses on his life as prime minister vis-a-vis a common man. The interview comes a day after the Kesari actor clarified that he won’t be contesting the Lok Sabha elections 2019 as reported by several media houses. Reports were doing round stating that Akshay Kumar was likely to contest elections on Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) ticket from Punjab’s Gurdaspur or from New Delhi.

The interview, which was conducted in the lawns of PM Modi’s residence in 7 Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi, was aired at 9 am on Wednesday, a day after polling ended for the third phase of the Lok Sabha polls. In this special interview, Akshay Kumar quizzes the PM Modi on every aspect of his life.

Here are 10 interesting things PM Modi told Akshay Kumar in the special interview:

– On being questioned what would he wish for if he had the Aladdin’s lamp, Modi said if he gets Aladdin’s lamp and if it really has powers, he would ask all the educationists and social servants to stop telling kids the story of Aladdin and his Magic Lamp because it propagates laziness of wishes coming true has come from a foreign country, but here in India, we achieve everything by hard labour.

– In 2015, then US president Barack Obama had asked PM Modi why does he sleep for only a few hours and how he manages the sleeplessness. Modi said he sleeps for just 3.5 to 4 hours in a day and after that, he is up and ready. Whenever the two leaders met after that one, Obama would always ask if Modi listened to him and increased the number of hours he sleeps, Modi said.

– PM Modi during interaction with Akshay Kumar, said being careful about his appearance could possibly be a psychological reaction to an inferiority complex he felt growing up poor – The PM said he used to wash his clothes till the time he became the chief minister of Gujarat in 2001. Longer sleeves were a hindrance while washing clothes, so I had cut them off.

– Sharing his post-retirement plan with Akshay Kumar, the PM said neither he had never thought of it not it occurred to him, but he has decided to spend his last days at in some mission.

– The prime minister also said that he has decided to donate his own flat to the BJP.

– Answering Akshay Kumar’s question on his use of social media, the PM said he got a lot of information about what’s going on outside from Twitter and Instagram. In a lighter vein, Modi told Akshay Kumar that his life must be peaceful after Twinkle Khanna takes all her anger out on him (Modi) on Twitter.

– Launching a direct attack on the media Modi said, nowadays, he avoids using humour as he fears that his words will be twisted and misinterpreted for TRP and he doesn’t express his anger as it leads to negativity.

– The PM said when he used to sell tea, there were times when people would yell at him for no reason but just to vent their anger. Modi learned to speak Hindi and understood north Indian culture due to interaction with milkmen who used to transport buffaloes on goods trains.

– On being questioned if he listens to songs, the PM said he really doesn’t listen to them but likes old songs like “jyoti kalash chhalke”. It is important to mention here that “jyoti kalash chhalke” is also veteran BJP leader L K Advani’s favourite song.

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