Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been ridiculed by people across various social media platforms for suggesting that gas can be generated from the gutter. While it may sound a little too naive here but the Prime Minister is actually right, if people only pay a little attention to science! There is a video out there in the public in which Shyam Rai, a tea-seller, who runs his establishment powered by the gas generated from the gutter around the shop. Shyam Rai, who hails from Raipur which is the capital of Chhattisgarh, which was carved out of Madhya Pradesh, has been running his tea-stall establishment powered by gas from the gutter, literally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of his addresses shared the inspiring story of Shyam Rai, who converts smell emitting from gutters into gas and later use it to prepare tea at his stall. Shyam Rai’s instrument is composed of three 1,000 litre plastic tanks, which he had placed in a gutter covered with a net on their bottoms. The nets on the bottom of three plastic tanks were there to prevent any waste material entering into tanks. 

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When the water flows in the gutter along with the waste and other particles, the smell present in the gutter due to pressure generated there, enters into the tanks and is converted into gas (Methane gas) and which is later used as a cooking gas by Shyam Rai to prepare tea at his tea-stall.

Shyam Rai is not a professional engineer and has studied till class 11 only, but his ambition and talent did not stop him from discovering something which is unique and useful. Shyam has completed his project 4 years ago, and his effort has now been lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shyam Rai has also got his design globally patented and his technology will soon be installed in gutters in Raipur city to convert smell into gas.

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