Soon after, quitting Yadav’s Samajwadi Party and joining Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Naresh Agarwal was welcomed in the party, but his comments were unacceptable. His comment regarding Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan embarrassed BJP which landed him in troubles within hours of joining the party. However, Naresh Agrawal has realised his mistake and has expressed ‘Khed’ (regret) in front of the media for his earlier comment on Tuesday. While apologising he said, “if my comments have hurt someone then I express regret”. His clarification came after when media persons asked him about the row over his controversial remark. When further asked, if will he apologise for his earlier comment, Agarwal replied, ‘Khed’ shabd ka matlab aap samajhte hain? (Do you understand the meaning of regret?)

On Monday, BJP leader Naresh Agarwal faced criticism over his misogynistic comment where he termed Samajwadi Party’s Jaya Bachchan as ‘Bollywood Dance Girl’. in his controversial statement, Agarwal said “My ticket was denied and it was given to someone who dances in films. That is even more painful.” His comment was not welcomed by the people on social media who have asked for the sacking of the leader. Well, his move to attack Mulayam Singh Yadav for nominating Bachchan did not go as he planned and came as an embarrassment for himself.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also thrashed BJP leader Naresh Agarwal for his improper comment. In her Twitter post, she wrote: ” Shri Naresh Agarwal has joined Bhartiya Janata Party. He is welcome. However, his comments regarding Jaya Bachchan ji are improper and unacceptable.” The slamming of Bollywood actresses from party leaders is not new, as a few days ago SP leader Azam Khan and Jaya Prada were having the same conflict. The battle of remarks started with Jaya Prada comparing Azam Khan with Alauddin Khilji, and ended with Azam Khan’s controversial statement where he referred to Jaya Prada as ‘Naachne Wali’.

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