Former Gujarat minister Maya Kodnani was acquitted by the Gujarat High Court on Friday, April 20 in the Naroda Patiya massacre case and the conviction of the other prominent accused, Babu Bajrangi, formerly of the Bajrang Dal, was upheld. The Naroda Patiya massacre took place on February 2002 at Naroda in Ahmedabad where 97 Muslims were killed by a mob of Hindu fringe activists. The massacre took place during a strike which was called by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad after the Godhra train burning.

Former Gujarat minister Kodnani was accused of leading and provoking mobs in Naroda Patiya and Naroda Gam in order to avenge the deaths of 59 people in the Godhra train burning, she had been earlier sentenced to 28 years life imprisonment. The court was hearing 11 petitions moved by the convicts and the families of the victims of the riots. While all the accused appealed against their conviction, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) sought to enhance the sentences of 3 convicts, which include, former Bajrang Dal leader Babubhai Patel. 

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In 2014 Kodnani was granted bail after she said she was not well, reportedly she was given shock therapy for depression. She is also accused of murder in the riots which occurred on the same day, February 28, 2002, Naroda Gram, which killed 11 Muslims. 5 years after the massacre, she was made the Minister of Woman and Child development by ten the Chief Minister Narendra Modi. She held the post until her arrest in 2009.

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