Former cricketer and Punjab Congress minister Navjot Singh Sidhu courted a fresh controversy on Saturday after he compared Pakistan to South India. Just a few months after Sidhu had courted a controversy by hugging Pakistan Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa at Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony, Punjab Congress minister, on Saturday, said that his travel experience to Pakistan is way better than South India. The following remarks were made by the Congress leader while he was participating in the 7th Khushwant Singh Literature Fest in Kausauli.

As per reports, when AAP MLA questioned Sidhu about the affinity between the two Punjabs, he said that he travels a lot to South. he added that he fails to understand the language there and also the food is something that he cannot have for a longer period of time. as the culture is totally different. Sidhu then recalled his recent trip to Pakistan and said that the language was the same. he added that one abuse in Punjabi overpowers 10 abuses made in English.

Earlier, following his visit and affection towards Pakistan and its Army General, Bajwa, Navjot Sidhu was slammed left, right and centre by the opposition. Reacting to the media reports, a senior Akali Dal leader told Time Now that Navjot Singh Sidhu has now become a Pakistan apologist.

Sidhu further talked about his hug to Army General Bajwa and said that his hug was no conspiracy like the Rafale Deal. He added that Bajwa had informed him about a sweet gesture for the Sikhs, hearing which, he hugged Bajwa.

4 responses to “Navjot Singh Sidhu says travelling to Pakistan better than visiting South India”

  1. A** H*** there is a saying in Tamil.

    Will Donkeys know the smell of Camphor ! So are you..

    Better shut your a** and stay where you are..

  2. Navjot Singh Sidhu is an idiot and comedian. A big joker. People in Tamilnadu are not just eat idlis alone all the time as Sidhu attributes. Tamilnadu today has all kinds of people from all over India live there for working, culturally very diversified and all kinds of indian restaurants available which is better than Panjab. Sidhu’s citizenship should be revoked and he should be expelled out of India. Let him go to Pakistan and live happily among jokers of his kind.

  3. First take care of your state . Don’t make such filthy statements .South is the safest and richest part of India .You can’t teach us what to eat , learn respecting others .

  4. We don’t want Hindi imperialistic assholes down here. Maybe he was illegal child to an Pakistani. Oh wait… it ain’t illegal anymore.

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