In the 21st century, social media is considered as one of the strongest weapon for talented and creative people, which can give them a proper audience and deserved success within a night. Currently, there are a lot of people who exist on the list of extraordinary people who are leading the social media by their creativity, among which, Sandesh Lamsal (in Nepali: सन्देश लम्साल) is one of the top Nepalese internet celebrity, sportsman, actor, model, social worker and international volunteer who is known for his amazing, interesting as well as creative videos on different social media platforms and achievements in his social, professional & public life.

Sandesh Lamsal is the elder son of Mr Ganesh Lamsal and Mrs Sushila Lamsal, who was born in a village of Dang district, Nepal on 17th August 1994 and is currently trending on media because of his social media contents as well as success stories. At the age of 26, he is a popular social media star, internet celebrity, international volunteer, medical student and 2 Dan black belt of World Taekwondo. In 2014, Sandesh completed his higher secondary education from Tulsi Higher Secondary English School, Tulsipur, Dang and in 2015 he went to St. Petersburg, Russia for his further studies after getting the scholarship in MBBS from the Russian Government.

At the small age of 13, he joined the World Taekwondo and started his martial arts career along with studies. Sandesh believes that hard work always pays you more. He says, “The inspiration of working hard comes from my mother. Although she hasn’t graduated from any big universities, neither she claims to have some superpowers, she always manages to complete her tasks successfully, just because of her dedication and hard work. This gives me motivation and pulls forward to work hard on any field I choose.”Sandesh received 1 Dan Black Belt from the World Taekwondo in 2014 but after that, he had to take a break on his sports career as he had to go to Russia and the environment there was very a different, different culture, tradition and most importantly the Russian language. The Russian language is taken as one of the world’s  top 10 most difficult language to learn. Sandesh further continued, “Getting a Black belt in Martial Arts was my dream which I eventually achieved, but my journey didn’t stop here.” After learning some basic Russian language, he joins the “Black Eagle Taekwondo Association” in St. Petersburg and continues his training there. After 4 years of hard training in Russia, he manages to come back to Nepal and gives the exam of 2 Dan black belt, which he passed easily in 2018.

Similarly, in 2018, Sandesh started to upload creative video contents and posts on different social media platforms. He has created a lot of good contents on almost all popular social media platforms. As a result, his accounts are verified on different international applications like TikTok, Moj, Josh, Chingari, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Google, Likee, Helo, etc. According to Yahoo News and Online Khabar, Sandesh Lamsal is the First Nepalese internet celebrity to achieve this milestone. During this short period, he has collaborated with a lot of popular social influencers and his contents have been appreciated by many Bollywood stars too. His field of interest are sports, education, motivation, entertainment, acting, transition and fitness. In a very short period, he has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on all social media platforms including more than 150k followers on Instagram.

Except this, he is very actively involved in social works and volunteering also. According to different sources available on the internet, he started his journey of social work just after he learned the Russian language in 2015. Currently, he is the United Nation online volunteer, National volunteer of Russia and the Representative of Nepal in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. During the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, he personally collected fund from the people in Russia and donated to the NGO of Nepal.In addition to this, also he was the organizer and Lecturer of the program “ Nepal-fest: Nepalese Cultural Charity Festival – 2016” which was organized to raise fund for the reconstruction of the schoolsdamaged by that earthquake. Further, he served as a medical volunteer in FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018, for which he was awarded the medal and “Appreciation letter” from the Russian government and Organizer committee of FIFA World Cup. He is constantly organizing many programs, which are focused on the promotion of Nepal, Nepali culture, tradition, language and festivals as the Representative of Nepal in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The Former Speaker of the Parliament of Nepal – Onsari Gharti Magar, Former Finance Minister of Nepal – Ram Saran Mahat, The Ambassador of Nepal to Russia – Rishi Ram Ghimire and as a whole, Nepal and the Russian Government has praised the hard work and contributions done by Sandesh Lamsal towards Nepal, Nepali culture, tradition and tourism.

Nepalese internet celebrity, Sandesh Lamsal will be graduating from the Pavlov First State Medical University of St. Petersburg in June 2021 as a doctor. When he was asked about his future plans in The Ukraine Business Journal, Sandesh said “I have a dream to open a social organization and serve the orphans, disabled, homeless and elder people as a health professional, social worker and an influencer. I am also planning to continue my further studies side by side. Let’s see, how everything goes.”