In a bid to surround India via its terror networks and create a second Afghanistan, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is recruiting innocent Nepali Muslim youths to radicalise them. Seven members of the Chinese
Tablighi Jamaat (Conveying Group) have also been brought in to visit Nepal, NewsX reported. Since, Nepalis are allowed to travel through India freely ISI wants to use them as tools to bleed India.

According to the report, Pakistan embassy officials in Nepal are directly helping the ISI in its nefarious design to radicalise Nepal. Two of the four-member team from Pakistan embassy visited Sunsari and Morang districts in
Nepal recently. Madrassas in Bokhara are being funded by the ISI. The team inspected construction of Jamia Islamia Masjid there. Last year, the same team had visited Community Development Forum there.

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Pakistan is trying to radicalise Nepal in 4 ways:

1) Bringing Muslim Nepali youths to Pakistan
2) Bringing Tablighi Jamaat members to Nepal
3) Using NGOs to launder money to fund Islamist organisations
4) Using embassy officials in Nepal to help the ISI

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