After being at the centre of attraction for long amid the fuelling sex tape leak doing the rounds on social media, Patidar leader Hardik Patel might be ready for another setback as more videos from his alleged sex tape is fuming the internet since Tuesday. In the following leaks, a man who strongly resembles the Patidar leader Hardik Patel, is seen having a mischievous conversation alongside two unknown men and a female, who is casually wrapped up in his arms. Patel is seen having a good time in the video with his female partner while his male entourage is allegedly drinking liquor in the hotel room. As per sources, the video which is recorded with a hidden camera is dated from May 22, a day after the Patidar leader concluded the Nyay Yatra in Hota.

The episodes of the leak sex tape have emerged ever since Hardik hinted that such attempts in order to hamper his image might take flight in the coming days. In continuation to that, Patel’s alleged sex video was telecast on local Gujarati TV channels on Monday where he was seen with an unidentified woman in a hotel room. In his defence, Patel brought back his old rhetoric and called the sensational viral video as BJP’s last resort for defaming the leader ahead of the upcoming Gujarat polls. “I had been saying for some time that all such dirty things, including such a video, would be flung at me, but I don’t care and I will continue my fight against the BJP,” Hardik Patel was quoted as saying.

“The BJP has prepared a doctored sex CD to defame me and it will be released just before the election. What else can one expect from the BJP? So just wait, watch and enjoy,” Patel added. While the Gujarat Election pre-build up play is heated up with sex, politics and alleged video CD releases, BJP is expected to pull out another rabbit out of their hat as they have curtained down their deeds and are already blessed with controversies which are weaving over the opposition.