On a day when New York is hosting the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and the whole world has its eyes on it, The New York Times stooped so low that it has ended up publishing a biased and factually incorrect full-page advertisement-cum article on Kashmir. Content writers of The New York Times, who have been sitting thousands of miles away in their air-conditioned offices and luxurious desks, have penned an article on the topic which they have no idea and miles away from reality.

After reading the facts and numbers that have been highlighted by the so-called international journalist, I felt pity for such a reputed publishing house which has readers all around the world. This is really sad that The New York Times has been spreading the wrong information and misleading the people across the world on such a sensitive issue.

The gentleman who wrote this piece of crap must have gone through at least some reports, data and facts provided by the officials. The person seems not to have even googled the points on which he wanted to report before filing this article. I don’t know how his editor passed the copy when it had so many wrong facts in it.

Well, no problem. I will fix it for them.

Starting with the headline, “8 Million Under Siege By A Million Soldiers Since August 5th.” The first thing is Jammu and Kashmir has a population of 12,541,302, more than 12.5 Million not 8 Million.

Mistake number 2: hashtag #EndTheSiege. Yes, it is true that the Indian government deployed extra forces in Jammu and Kashmir, but the Indian Army soldiers were there to avoid any kind of mishap or attack as the Valley is a sensitive part of the country. I guess the writer of The New York Times was unaware of the continuous attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, in which, many innocent Kashmiris have lost their lives.

Goof up number 3: Occupied since 70+ years.

My dear friend, India never occupied Kashmir. Instead, after the Partition in 1947, Kashmir’s Maharaja Hari Singh had wished to retain his independence.  But when his kingdom was invade by Afridi tribesmen supported by the nascent Pakistan Army, he chose to join India and signed the instrument of accession in 1948.

Blunder number 4: Death toll 60,000+  and over 1 Million injured.

Seriously, like seriously! From where did you get these numbers? In the last 70 years, Jammu and Kashmir has faced so many terror attacks, bomb blasts but you seem to have blamed all those deaths on the Indian government. And by the way, what about the number of Indian soldiers who were martyred while protecting the citizens and fighting with terrorists?

And I would like to know your views on Pakistan’s human rights violations in what Islamabad calls Azad Kashmir, and we call it Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The New York Times whose embedded journalists were part of US President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq don’t have the locus standi to pontificate on something they are far from. Printing aggrieved people’s versions is not journalism solely. The NY Times prides itself on all the news that is fit to print.

Sometimes, like in this case, things more than news seem to get set the printer’s blocks.

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