Sunday, October 2, 2022

NewsX Campaign: Seeks answers from Johnson & Johnson

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After Johnson & Johnson’s infant goods’ license was revoked, worries about the baby products’ availability on the market surfaced, NewsX has been active in its pursuit of the corporation to inquire about the urgent concerns over the safety of their products.

NewsX conducts its own unique investigation into the situation. According to our inquiry, the substance is still sold in markets all throughout India, and both stores and homes are aware that it has been banned.

To further understand this matter, we spoke to shopkeepers selling the product, according to the retailers many do not know about the ban and as it is being manufactured and exists in market its past influence continues to dominate the market and consumers at large.

In the meanwhile, NewsX has also been attempting to get in touch with J&J officials to inquire about the future of this product’s production.

Earlier Maharashtra FDA banned the production and sale of Johnson & Johnson baby powder in the state after learning that the company’s product had a pH value that is higher than the authorised limit.

We have given the corporation a show cause notice, asking them to justify why their licence shouldn’t be revoked, according to Maharashtra FDA sources who talked to the media.

Two Johnson & Johnson baby powder samples were collected by the FDA, one from Pune and the other from Nashik. The test findings showed that the Johnson & Johnson baby powder did not adhere to the IS5339:2004 (second revision amendment 3) standard for newborn skin powder in terms of pH.

The FDA has ordered the company to take the items from the problematic batch off the market.

Johnson & Johnson declared this month that it will stop selling talc-based baby powder globally and transition to a cornstarch-based portfolio starting in 2023. The decision was announced more than two years after the US and Canada stopped selling the product due to safety-related lawsuits and dwindling demand.

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