NewsX on Friday organised health awards in Delhi in order to highlight health related problems and solutions to it. The evening witnessed several discussions on Government’s Ayushman Bharat scheme, air pollution, path breaking medical technology and other panel discussions. Union Health Minister Jagat Prakash Nadda attended the event and talked about various government schemes and how the government was working to serve to the marginalised society in the country.

Lauding government’s Ayushman Bharat scheme, the Union Minister said that it’s the  world largest health benefit scheme with a robust system. Media can support this by having more programmes on the issue and make people aware about the scheme. 

Further speaking at the event, Health Minister JP Nadda slammed the previous governments for not doing enough in the health sector and  not initiating new schemes. The Minister said that the Modi government from time to time is bringing new schemes to serve people belonging to the marginalised society. 

Union Health Minister JP Nadda also honoured people belonging to the medical fraternity in India including doctors working at honoured medical institutions of the country for their service to the people. JP Nadda said that an award really can’t define the service which they are providing to the nation.

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