NewsX launches the Goa Chronicle show on Saturday’s at 6 PM with a repeat telecast on Sunday at 10 pm. The show is hosted by Savio Rodrigues, the Founder and Chief Editor of The Goa Chronicle, one of India’s leading impact publications.

The show brings to TV a series of path breaking investigations being done by the Goa Chronicle team. The 60-minute format is divided into 3 segment. The first 20 minutes presents research and a deep insight on the subject, followed by a one-on-one interview and then a debate with stakeholders.

Rishabh Gulati, Managing Editor, NewsX said “It’s important that we are able to take a deep dive and discuss difficult and taboo questions with community stakeholders with a solutions oriented outlook. The GC show will go a long way in achieving that. Wishing Savio all the best.”

Speaking on the launch of show on Saturday at 6pm on NewsX, Savio Rodrigues, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, expressed, “GoaChronicle is appreciated globally for its investigative reportage. Our focus has always been on research and investigations on social, political and economic concerns. Through, NewsX will be bringing our kind of investigative journalism to the mainstream media and asking the tough questions.”