NewsX Polstrat snap poll: Defeating terror from Pakistan would be the top priority for voters in upcoming Lok Sabha elections, NewsX-Polstart snap poll has said. While just a little above 30 per cent believe that country needs a strong government to tackle terror promoted by Pakistan, jobs and employment opportunities as a poll issue get the attention of 26.68 per cent respondents. The Modi government’s decision to introduce 10 per cent quota for the poor among the general category has emerged as a poll issue for around 16.62 per cent Indians, the survey said. Around 3.02 Voters will see the caste and identity of the candidates before making their final choice, the survey added.

Only 1.56 Indians feel that the Rafale issue, which the Congres has been raking up from quite some time accusing PM Modi of corruption, would be significant in upcoming general elections.

Around 13 per cent can’t judge what the polls issues will be in forthcoming national polls, it added. Even local issues have the potential to turn into a deciding factor as 9.27 respondents did not express their faith in issues which generally attract the attention of media.

While the BJP has been trying hard to keep the upcoming elections around the issue of national security and nationalism, especially after the Pulwama attack and Balakot air strikes, the opposition-led by Congress has a firm belief that local issues would be crucial in this year’s elections.

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