NewsX Polstrat snap poll: Narendra Modi’s popularity has undoubtedly declined over the last five years, but he is still the top choice for Prime Minister as Congress president Rahul Gandhi is lagging behind by a huge margin, NewsX Polstrat snap poll has suggested. PM Modi’s repeated mentioning of his uncompromising attitude in tackling terror, in the wake of Pulwama attack and subsequent Balakot air strikes, has made his case for country’s top post more strong. More than 70% of Indians consider him the best Prime Minister for India’s national security and war or terror and even economy, despite demonetisation blunder and hasty implementation of Goods and Services Tax.

The snap poll results suggest that the Congress president has an uphill task ahead of him in the forthcoming parliamentary polls. Around 41 per cent voted that opposition parties don’t need a united PM face to take on PM Modi in this year’s crucial polls.

Even voters are not sure of leaders from opposition camp as the poll suggested that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is most popular among non-BJP, non-Congress face and Samajwadi Party chief second.

The snap poll also showed that defeating terror from Pakistan would be the top priority for voters, a clear indication that India’s airstrike in Pakistan’s Balakot will boost BJP’s prospects before general elections in April and May.

Priyanka Gandhi’s appointment as Congress’ in-charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh has not impressed many as only 20 per cent voters feel that she can emerge as game-changer for her party, amidst debates on her persona in political circles.

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