NewsX Polstrat snap poll: The campaign for the 2019 general elections is underway and the battle for top PM contender is on. When it comes to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) whispers of PM Narendra Modi to be party’s top choice for Prime Ministerial candidate have been making rounds, reportedly. Though no official confirmation has come so far.

While on the other hand, the Congress party hasn’t announced any name so far, but given the alliance tactic of the grand old party, it was rumoured that Congres President Rahul Gandhi will be most likely the PM face from the opposition. In fact, many of Congress’s allies had hinted about Gandhi’s PM candidature. However, it was later clarified that PM face name from the opposition will a consensual decision, hence Rahul’s candidature as PM was not yet decided.

Though the real reason for denial of Rahul’s PM candidature was lack of support from some of Congress’s alliance partners. A lot has been said about who’ll be the potential PM face from the opposition as there has been a complete conflict of opinion when it comes to reaching a conclusion. Not everybody seems to agree with Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi’s PM candidature, hence allies have been endorsing for common consensus.

But, the NewsX Start poll reveals something else as the nation believes that there should not be any consensus when it comes to opting for a PM candidate from the opposition as 40.56 per cent people voted a no. On the other hand, 32.66 per cent people voted yes when it comes to having a united PM face to win from the opposition’s end. However, it’s the votes of  40.56 per cent people that matter as the number outsmarted votes of those who said yes. This also suggests that the opposition can do without a consensus for choosing its PM face.

People saying no believe that there should not be a consensus when it comes to choosing a PM face to win for the elections. The survey is then followed by 14.20 per cent people’s votes who weren’t sure as they chose maybe, while the remaining went ahead with the Don’t know/Can’t say option.

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