Pakistan’s Abdul Qadeer Khan nuclear bazaar: Pakistan’s Abdul Qadeer Khan nuclear bazaar that was presumed to be ended after its busting in 2004, is still active and thriving, said a US report accessed by NewsX. It stated that 13 front companies have been set up by Pakistan to continue its nuclear weapons and missile procurement bazaar. These include China’s Huawei’s local Pakistan entity that was put under a US blacklist.

The AQ nuclear was busted before 15 years in 2004 after he confessed that Pakistan was secretly providing North Korea, Iran and Libya with the nuclear bomb-making technology. It was claimed that the Khan network was dismantled officially in 2004. However, the US report says otherwise.

NewsX has accessed details of the US report that has been published just two weeks ago that indicated that least 13 new agents and entities have been operating out if Pakistan to try and source materials equipment and technology for Pakistan nuclear program. The report said that these nuclear reactors are being used to process radioactive material into fission bombs.

According to several media reports, Pakistan has between 100 and 120 nuclear weapons, however, the country is said to possess fissile material for over 200 weapons. In the late 1950s, Pakistan started working on a nuclear program and established Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in 1956. Former president Z A Bhutto was the strong advocate of nuclear bomb. In 1965, he had asserted that if India builds the nuclear bomb, Pakistan would build its own, even if people go hungry and eat grass and leaves.

After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971 with the help of India, Bhutto directed Pakistan’s nuclear establishment to get it own nuclear bomb in three years. But before Pakistan could do it, India’s first test of the nuclear bomb came in May 1974. After that Pakistan was desperate to create its own bomb.

Pakistan conducted its first nuclear test on May 28, 1998, during the tenure of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. He had maintained that the weapons were built only in the interest of self-defense. Former Pakistan president General Parvez Musharraf had said that the country’s nuclear weapons were aimed solely at India. He had stated that Pakistan would resort to the use of weapons if the existence of the country was at stake.

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