Slamming the Delhi government on odd-even plan, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Friday said that the government cannot impose odd-even vehicle rationing formula without mentioning whether it would be feasible option to curb pollution. The tribunal further hitting out the government said that nothing has been done from its end since the past one year. The Supreme Court never asked for imposition of this scheme. According to reports, Delhi government has been asked to prove the benefits of this scheme on the basis of its previous reports.

The National Green Tribunal while conveying it to the Delhi government that it cannot bring back the odd-even scheme said that the government has to first prove that the measure would not be counter-productive. The tribunal said that the Delhi government will have to justify the implementation of this scheme. When the situation is improving, the government is trying to implement this. You should have done this earlier if you wanted to. This move now will inconvenience people even further.

Apart from pulling out the Delhi government, NGT has asked Punjab government to act on the worsening situation due to stubble burning or else be prepared for a strict action against them. Delhi government submitted that they intend to employ school buses to augment public transport, to which NGT observed that does the government intend to close down schools.

The National Green Tribunal further said that the Delhi government has to prove whether the odd even scheme has reduced pollution or else the tribunal will stay the imposition of the scheme. “Supreme Court and NGT have suggested 100 measures to curb pollution but you always opted for odd-even. If you want we will hear the case tomorrow, but as of now we don’t find its desirable,” NGT added. 

While mentioning that the hearing in the case will continue on November 11 (tomorrow), NGT asked the Delhi government to impose fine of Rs 1 lakh on builders found violating directions, as construction work has been halted in view of smog and air pollution. NGT has also directed the states to ensure that there should be no crop burning.  If any incident is reported to NGT, a considerable amount of fine will be charged from salary of responsible officer. 

Taking as a pollution control measure, the Delhi government on Thursday had decided to bring back the odd-even scheme from Nov 13-17. However, now after NGT’s interference in the matter, whether the scheme will be implemented or not will be a waiting game here.