Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, on Tuesday, made headlines with her visit to the hospital where Congress minister Shashi Tharoor was admitted after an injury while performing a ritual at a temple in Trivandrum. On her visit to the hospital, Sitharaman said when she found out about Tharoor’s injury she thought to go and wish him early recovery. She, in fact, hadn’t informed anyone and visited Tharoor on her way back to the airport, reported ANI.

In an interview to ANI, Nirmala Sitharaman talked at length about Balakot strikes, sexist remarks on female politicians, ongoing general elections and opposition. Commenting on the recent rebuttal by international media of India’s air strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot, Sitharaman said it was unfathomable to see international media not willing to believe India’s explanation on Balakot. She further said that India received support from not one but various countries who not only supported India but condemned Pakistan’s stance on terrorism.

Supporting her argument further, Sitharaman said it was Pakistan that had reported about the air strikes in its region and not India. Therefore, Pakistanis themselves claimed Balakot attack, added the defence minister.

Attacking opposition for capitalising on the letter allegedly written by Army veterans, Sitharaman said that letter on the politicisation of Army lost credibility after senior veterans denied involvement in writing the letter. She also said that there was nothing wrong in writing the letter and t was well within every veteran’s prerogative to contact the Supreme Commander (President), but even if one of them says that the letter hasn’t been written by him then the credibility of the whole appeal is lost.

On the recent sexist jibe by SP leader Azam Khan, Sitharaman said that one should know where to draw the line and must respect the other gender. She said the derogatory language used against women politicians ought to be avoided.

The defence minister on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement supporting PM Narendra Modi’s second term in order to improve India-Pakistan ties and settling Kashmir issue said it could also be part of Congress’s ploy. She further said that such statements have come around elections in India, and there have been eminent Congress leaders who’ve gone to Pakistan to seek support against PM Modi.

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